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On 9/25/06, Vadim Cherny <VadimCherny at mail.ru> wrote:
> Thank you, Yonah.
> I'm of course aware of the orthodox etymology. It doesn't make much sense;
> why the tav-form? Presumably, tav-nouns are frozen 2ms future tense verbs,
> the least likely form for "to teach."
> Derivation from tor - tur is plain; see Prov12:26, etc; admonition.
> Vadim Cherny

So, I guess feminine noun forms with a T prefix just do not fit
regularly into your system? What about תחיה TXYH -- as in תחית המתים
TXYT HMTYM? This is the same situation as TWRH: T-prefix, H for third

An even more analogous form is תודה TWDH, which comes from YDH / YDY.
Are you going to suggest that "thanks" comes from a different root,
perhaps TWD? If the form TWRH does not come from YRH because of its
form, then you should perhaps also argue that TWDH does not come from
YDH. The cases are the same.

I think you would do well to read about noun patterns in /Biblical
Hebrew Syntax/ by Waltke and O'Connor (pages 83-94), paying specific
attention to §5.6, entitled "Patterns with Prefixing," on pages 90-92.
§5.6.c addresses the T-prefix.


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