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Actually, Shoshanna, a "teru'ah" is literally a shout, "leharia'", to shout 
or exclaim. The two places in which the day is mentioned, Lev. 23:23-25 and 
Num. 29:1-6 do not mention either the shofar or any other type of trumpet. 
Just when this was understood by Jews as referring to the blowing of the 
shofar is not clear - it's not mentioned in the Tanakh anywhere. In fact, 
the day itself is not mentioned until Ezra, who used it to gather the people 
and teach them Torah - no shofar there either. The fact that one of the 
sounds made by the shofar is called a "teru'ah" is a back-interpretation.

By the way, the Samaritans to this day mark the day by clapping their hands, 
which is how they have come to interpret "teru'ah". I'm not saying that this 
is a more correct interpretation, just that there are more than one possible 

Yigal Levin
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> Not trumpets - shofar - ram's horn.
> It is not called the feast of trumpets, it is called Yom Teruah -
> Teruah being the name of one of the sounds that the sofar makes.
> Shoshanna
> Everyone
> Todday is Feast of Trumpets, Happy Feast of Trumpets
> Any one have any insight on this day?
> Eva Ritsema

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