[b-hebrew] The Pesach prohibition - baked, not leavened bread

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Sun Sep 24 22:27:14 EDT 2006

No, the baker waiting for the dough to leaven is not likened to 
adulterous behavior.  The adulterous behavior is that of the people 
of the northern kingdom (which is called the Kingdom of Ephraim - 1 
Kings 12:20)   Their first king, Yeravam, caused the people to sin, 
he set up two golden calves in Dan and Beit El, (1 Kings 12: 26 - 33) 
this remained a stumbling block for them during their entire 240 
years that they remained an independent kingdom.

Context, context, context!


Hosea is explicit on the matter: the baker ceases to stir, not to do
anything else. Hosea likens exactly the cessation of steering to "adulterous
I don't know much about baking, but several times I saw bread baking in
traditional Egyptian villages, they kept the fire burning, not just
smouldering coals.

Vadim Cherny

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