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That has got to be a very hard thing to do, it's something like a person
whom may be allergic to bread or wheat, I have a couple of friends in my
Church that are Glutton Intolerant and they have a really big problem.  And
in their case it's more that they don't dare, for fear of the reaction.
I think of doing this myself but after going through a single day finding
out how difficult it is.  In Israel there are places to shop where you don't
have to worry about it, or it's a natural thing.  In most countries that's
not the case.  Most definately not here, we eat Tex-Mex mostly and the dough
is unlevened it still has the wrong ingrediants I think.
James Tifft
San Antonio, Texas
jtifft at sbcglobal,net
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Even though I am a Christian, I have kept unlevend bread since my early
20's. Paul says to keep it without malice.... I am 60 years old now and
every year my family and I unleveded our house and I took out the leven
I  thought about all the sin in my life malice greed uncaring etc. I
tried not keeping it a couple of times and it bothered me. I dont know
if I keep it right or not but it has helped me see how hard it is to
go a week without eating leaven, and how hard it is to try to
understand what God wants us to do in our life. I read the article, I
dont know if it is true, but I think it is good to think about what God
wants us to do rather than to spend all our time trying to get out of
what he wants us to do. I dont know if this is the place to say this if
not, I guess if not, it wont be posted.
Eva Ritsema
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