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Kevin Riley klriley at alphalink.com.au
Thu Sep 21 19:21:24 EDT 2006

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From: John B. Senterfitt
Date: 09/22/06 08:13:52
The "timeline" contained in BibleWorks shows a
Darius III from 336BC to 331BC and
Darius Nothus 423BC to 404BC and
Darius Hystaspis 521BC to 486
Who are these and what is known about them?
It also says that Darius was defeated at Marathon
490BC but it does not say which this was!
John B. Senterfitt

To take the last question first: Darius Hystaspes, as the others in your
list were not yet born, and Darius I & II were already dead.

A few minutes spent with Google , etc, or in your local library's history
section will answer the other questions.  

Kevin Riley

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