[b-hebrew] Impending upgrade of the Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex

Christopher V. Kimball mail at cvkimball.com
Wed Sep 20 09:36:30 EDT 2006

A major upgrade will be made to the site


will be made in the next month.  A major goal will be to make the 
display faster and smoother. This is a good time to incorporate any 
suggestions you'd care to make off-list.

The upgrade will have at least two changes worth your consideration:

First, the site will be "tuned" to the Mozilla Firefox browser and its 
tabbed browsing feature.  Currently, three times as many viewers use 
Firefox than IE6, even though 63% of the viewers use Microsoft operating 
systems. IE6 will continue to be supported. IE7 isn't available for my 
Windows 2000 operating system so it won't be possible to support it.

Second, the existing option to click on a chapter link, then click on a 
verse link will be REMOVED in favor of the existing "Find a citation" 
text field.  This will simplify the book display and speed text rendering.

Suggestions for improvements and comments are solicited off-list.

Chris Kimball

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