[b-hebrew] "I will be caused to eat" in Hebrew

B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
Tue Sep 19 17:49:11 EDT 2006

Dear Kenneth,


I expect the khataph qamets may not appear correctly.  It is the vowel 
that combines the qamets and shewa into one vowel.

The khataph qamets is pronounced like the long *o* in boat, so the word 
is pronounced /ah o KHAL/ (emphasis on /KHAL/.

Hosea 11:4 )okiyl is "I fed," the hiphil yiqtol of the root AKL.

(You only see both the aleph prefix meaning "I" *and* the aleph root 
letter in the hophal stem, I think.)


kenneth greifer wrote:
> To B.M. Rocine,
> I don't really know much about the Hebrew vowels, so I am a little confused 
> about your answer about how to spell "I will be caused to eat" in Hebrew. I 
> don't get the email or the digest so I am going to type out what you wrote. 
> You spelled it " aleph qamatz, aleph khataph qametz, khoph (no dagesh) 
> patakh, and lamed" , but you also wrote )F)OKAL. I am confused about the 
> letter O. Is that the letter vav with the dot on top used as a vowel? Did 
> you spell it the same both as words and as letters? Also, could someone 
> write this out with Hebrew letters and vowels to make it easier for me to 
> understand if possible?
> Also, is the word in Hosea 11:4  spelled alef, vav,kaf , yud,lamed the 
> hiphil "I" form of "to eat" "I will cause to eat" or is it some other word?
> Sincerely,
> Kenneth Greifer

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