[b-hebrew] "I will be caused to eat" in Hebrew

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 18 17:02:44 EDT 2006

To B.M. Rocine,

I don't really know much about the Hebrew vowels, so I am a little confused 
about your answer about how to spell "I will be caused to eat" in Hebrew. I 
don't get the email or the digest so I am going to type out what you wrote. 
You spelled it " aleph qamatz, aleph khataph qametz, khoph (no dagesh) 
patakh, and lamed" , but you also wrote )F)OKAL. I am confused about the 
letter O. Is that the letter vav with the dot on top used as a vowel? Did 
you spell it the same both as words and as letters? Also, could someone 
write this out with Hebrew letters and vowels to make it easier for me to 
understand if possible?

Also, is the word in Hosea 11:4  spelled alef, vav,kaf , yud,lamed the 
hiphil "I" form of "to eat" "I will cause to eat" or is it some other word?

Kenneth Greifer

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