[b-hebrew] BC date on the 70 weeks

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> It's about the Beit HaMikdash, that hasn't been built, Jerusalem is
> not complete.
> Shoshanna

[Steve Miller] It says "From the going forth of the word to restore and to
build Jerusalem", not the Temple.
> 4) Jerusalem is already built and has been in the hands of Israel since
> 1967. Placing the entire 70 weeks in the future requires that Jerusalem
> would have to be destroyed again, so that a word would be given to restore
> it again. But why would a word be needed? Jerusalem is in Israel's hands.
> 5) v25 - The street shall be built again and the wall. That should refer
> to
> ancient time when there was one main street and one wall around it.
> 6) the confirming of the covenant, and the prince causing the sacrifice to
> cease (v27) takes place after the city and sanctuary are destroyed (v26).
> How could the sacrifices still be going on if the temple was previously
> destroyed?
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