[b-hebrew] electronic versions

Joshua Luna joshua at can-do.net
Sun Sep 17 00:08:24 EDT 2006

Hi Karl,

Just to clarify, as a long time BibleWorks (BW) user I can safely say that
BW does support searches using both the pointed and unpointed text; for
reading BW offers the option to enable/disable both the vowel points and
accent marks. The language centric features/resources (far too many to list,
but all the relevant grammars and lexicons are present) and robust searching
and word list tools are very impressive in the BW package and significantly
outpace the free software offerings currently available. Not that all users
need these sort of features nor is it intended to put down free software (I
use Palm Bible Plus and e-Sword at times), but in terms of language tools BW
is a significant leap ahead of the free tools currently available,
especially for language students.

As for platforms a number of users also use BW on Linux (through tools like
Wine) and the new Intel based Macs setup with a dual boot and Windows can
also use BW. I have not followed whether BW works through any of the
emulators on Mac, although Mac users would do fine to test drive Accordance
if they are seeking a language centric Bible tool suite.

Again, I am not knocking free software (some great stuff out there) just
clarifying the situation in regards to BibleWorks. Shalom,

Joshua Luna
Tiffin, OH

Karl W. Randolph Wrote:

I use Online Bible http://www.onlinebible.com and the Sword Project
http://www.crosswire.org and on my Palm I have UniBible
http://www.unboundbible.org/unibible also sourceforge in five
languages. I like being able to do searches on the unpointed text,
which I have been told is impossible on the commercial products. I
also prefer to read the unpointed text.

I also use Mac, have for years, and am thankful I made that choice
almost every time I visit friends struggling with their Windows
systems. My sons use Linux, but they're geeks. I noticed Bibleworks is
for Windows.

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