[b-hebrew] Dates of Ezra and Nehemiah

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Hello Dora,

The only "historical context" is that created by the editor of the book, 
which was neither Ezra or Nehemiah.
As far as "their role in selection of the Jewish scriptures", there is no 
hint of this in those scriptures themselves. The rabbis living over 700 
years later attributed to Ezra what was in reality a centuries-long process 
of canonization, as a way of giving "prophetic" authority to what they had 
come to consider the only acceptible canon.

Yigal Levin

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From: "Dora Smith" <villandra at austin.rr.com>
> Does it matter?  The two of them place themselves in historical context. 
> I
> would think that their admission of their role in selection of the Jewish
> scriptures as we know them, and of creating Judaism as we know it, would 
> be
> more important than the exact date when they did it.
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> Dora Smith
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