[b-hebrew] Hoshea 4:9

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I think you need to reconsider the words you have isolated.  You are doing
quite a bit of interpolation and assuming the vowel pointing to be
completely wrong.

Your first and most serious mistake is the reversing of letters from the
first word to form the name of the LORD.  The spelling is WHYH not YHWH;
This is a very improabable reconstruction considering the immense importance
placed on the name of YHWH.

You have also added letters combinations that are not there, not even in the
surronding text.  "Haho" is simply not there.

Although I also disagree with your method of interpretation, I simply urge
you to reexamine your text more discrimently.

Best Regards,

Carl Christensen
Volunteer Translation Consultant
Baptist Bible College
Bibles International

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> Hi to All,
> I am new to the list.
> I am interested in the interpretation "between the lines" (this is not
> rabbinical method but similar to one) the Bible in the Hebrew language.
> I have found some information that seems me interesting and would like
> to share it with you.
> So, from the text of Hoshea 4:9 in the Hebrew language I singled out a
> sequence of the words:
> YHVH--am--Haho--chen--akedah--derekh--ayin--yamin--lailah
> I interpret these words as "among the people of YHVH the adherents of
> Haho must have a night in the right eye".
> What do you think about this interpretation? Does it make any sense? Or
> my imagination have upper hand?
> Sincerely,
> Svetlana Kravtsova
> Ukraine
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Ps 32:2

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