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> The  name by which Jesus was most often designated in Israel already betrays  
> something of the disparagement by others and of his own meekness.  It was  
> normal for people to be named after their father (e.g., Simon, the son of Jonah; 
>  John and Jacob, the sons of Zebedee).  In Jesus’ case, however, people  
> deviated from that rule.  He is designated with the name of the place where  He 
> grew up.  That is Nazareth, a virtually unknown village in the northern  area, 
> Galilee.  There is something of a condescending tone in the surname  “Nazarene”
> : “the villager from Galilee!”

Could this also have suggested that he was born outside of marriage, as 
also in the Gospels, and implied by the Talmudic (?) story that his 
natural father was a Roman soldier?

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