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Wed Sep 13 22:49:08 EDT 2006

> HH: There is now suppprt from the Dead Sea Scrolls for the variant 
> reading: "they pierced my hands and my feet."

John Barach: >>> Could you provide a bit more info please?  I have both the 
Vermes  and the  Wise, Abegg, et al. translations of the DSS if it helps to 
point me to a  
passage. <<<

John ---

Here are some references.

1. James Charlesworth et al., _Miscellaneous Texts from the Judean Desert. 
Discoveries in the Judean Desert XXXVIII._ Oxford University Press: 2000.

This is volume 38 of the official series of DeadSea Scrolls published for 
scholars by Oxford University Press. DJD 38 has a transcription of 5/6 HevPsalms 
as well as a photograph plate.

The notes to the transcription of 22:17 [K'RW] state:
 "the letters waw and yod are clearly distinguishable in this hand"
 and "this important variant reading is assured."

2. Peter W. Flint. "The preliminary edition of 5/6HevPsalms." Journal of 
Jewish Studies, vol. 51 no 1. Spring 2000, p 19-41. Published by The Oxford Centre 
for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. JJS 51 has a printed transcription of the 
Hebrew text as well as photographic plates of the actual manuscript.

3. Peter W. Flint, _The Dead Sea Psalms Scrolls and the Book of Psalms._ 
Brill:1997, p.83.

4. James VanderKam, Peter Flint, _The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls_, 
Harper, 2002.  Especially see "The Original Reading of Psalm 22:16" on pp. 124-125. 
 This book, written by two DSS scholars for an educated popular audience is 
probably the most readily available of the references I have listed here.  I 
bought my copy four years ago at Borders.

I hope this helps.  

Marjorie Alley

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