[b-hebrew] preterit URL

John B. Senterfitt millenia05 at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 13 13:09:50 EDT 2006

Harold wrote

HH: Here is what I thought to be a good article written from your 
perspective of a Nehemiah date for the decree to rebuild Jerusalem in 
Dan 9:25:


Harold Holmyard


This URL that you have posted is a vivid example of the preterit concept I am talking about.

Daniel's prophecy is not finished but is yet future.

I know that as to typology it seems to fit into the era
that this URL presents but we are missing valuable information for our future and that of our loved ones who are waiting for the resurrection as I too am. And as we all should be!!

Daniel was introduced to the opening of the "last-end" in Dan 8:19. Please look at the opening verses of Micah chapter 4 where verse 1 opens with the time frame of "last the days". (yes the article is there)

Isiah chapter2:2ff stands here as well.

Please tell me that you do not see these prophecies as fulfilled

John B. Senterfitt 

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