[b-hebrew] actual Hebrew question about Daniel 9:25

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Tue Sep 12 22:07:25 EDT 2006


First of all, there were seventy sevens, not sixty three.

Secondly, my reading of Nehemiah, particularly chapters eight and
twelve, show that he was a contemporary of Ezra, whose main work is
commonly understood as having been in the last couple of decades of
the fifth century BC, not a generation earlier as you put it.

490 years later was the close of the Jewish revolt that had lasted
seven years, half way through which the sacrifices were ceased and the
leader of the people who crushed the revolt became emperor.

As for the six purposes you listed below, now we are delving into
theology. Biblical Christians apply that to the soteriological work of
Jesus as described in the New Testament. I do not know how others
interpret it.

Does this answer your questions?

Karl W. Randolph.

On 9/12/06, Yonah Mishael <yonahmishael at gmail.com> wrote:
> The obvious question, then, is how this applies to verse 24 and its stated
> purposes:
> 1. לכלא הפשע
> 2. ולהתם חטאת (this is from the קרי)
> 3. ולכפר עון
> 4. ולהביא צדק עלמים
> 5. ולחתם חזון ונביא
> 6. ולמשח קדש קדשים
> How are all of these things accomplished within the now 441 years (63 × 7,
> assuming that 62 and 7 are concurrent and one more follows them)? So, you
> set it from the 446/445 BCE command given to Nehemiah? This would bring us
> up to about 5 or 4 BCE. Surely there was no war at that time that was of
> major significance. I'm really interested in your position. Would you mind,
> if necessary, perhaps laying it out for me offline?
> Thanks,
> Yonah

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