[b-hebrew] Scholars, please stand up

Bill Rea bsr15 at cantsl.it.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Sep 12 17:15:09 EDT 2006

John wrote:-

>I joined this group in the hope that it would be a place for me to gain
>Sirach 18:19 Before you speak, learn, and before you fall ill, take care
>of your health.

I've been a member since we founded the list in 1992. This is a place
where you can gain insight, you just have to be a little patient. It is
a rare place where you can find liberal, conservative and fundamentalist
Christians and Jews, plus people of no faith at all discussing Biblical
Hebrew in, mostly, a civilized fashion. Originally the list was religious,
it was founded by Christians and hosted by a Christian institution.
That simply did not work. We had some fine Jewish scholars who were
driven away by well-meaning but extremely insenstive Christians. I can't
remember when the list changed to its current form but I would guess its
been like this for at least ten years. It has worked remarkably well since
then. So stick around, you will find insights, but those insights might
take you out of your comfort zone.

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