[b-hebrew] Four Beasts in Daniel

Yitzhak Sapir yitzhaksapir at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 11:48:51 EDT 2006

On 9/11/06, Shoshanna Walker wrote:

> No these are not the 4 beasts.
> They are
> 1.  The lion:  Babylonian empire
> 2.  The bear:  The Persian empire  (the three ribs symbolized Cyrus,
> Achashverosh, and Darius - Rashi)
> 3.  The leopard:  The Greek empire  (the four heads allude to the
> four generals who divided the empire after Alexander's death -
> Abarbanel)
> 4.  The Roman empire, considered to be the current exile.
> Shoshanna

A comparison of conservative Christian vs. liberal Christian views
of the empires is at:

An article that discusses the four empires and tries to place them
in a wider Near Eastern context is at:

Stephen's post referred to:

>    Four beasts -  Strongs 2423  awyx Cheyva' (Aramaic) (khay-vaw');
>    1. The Orient: ie.. China, India, Phillipines, Vietnam, etc..
>    2. Slavoc: ie.. Russia, Yugoslavia, Checklaslovakia,  etc..
>    3. Roman: ie.. Rome, Germany, France, Britian, Australia, Canada,
> America, Israel, UN, etc..
>    4. Middle east: ie.. Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi, etc..

What is the above based on?

Yitzhak Sapir

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