[b-hebrew] Four Beasts in Daniel

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Mon Sep 11 10:35:46 EDT 2006

No these are not the 4 beasts.

They are

1.  The lion:  Babylonian empire
2.  The bear:  The Persian empire  (the three ribs symbolized Cyrus, 
Achashverosh, and Darius - Rashi)
3.  The leopard:  The Greek empire  (the four heads allude to the 
four generals who divided the empire after Alexander's death - 
4.  The Roman empire, considered to be the current exile.


Daniel 7:7
   Four beasts -  Strongs 2423  awyx Cheyva' (Aramaic) (khay-vaw');
   1. The Orient: ie.. China, India, Phillipines, Vietnam, etc..
   2. Slavoc: ie.. Russia, Yugoslavia, Checklaslovakia,  etc..
   3. Roman: ie.. Rome, Germany, France, Britian, Australia, Canada, 
America, Israel, UN, etc..
   4. Middle east: ie.. Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi, etc..
   Which beast (cheyva) is diverse from then others?
   Now, who are the true Yisrael?

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