[b-hebrew] Mashiach

sujata shevaroys at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 8 21:37:42 EDT 2006

Jesus is the divine plan, not a human doctor. Jesus bore our sickness upon himself as stripes (Isaiah 53:5 and with his stripes we were healed)

  Note the usage of bear in Exodus 28:38 Aaron bore the inquities upon his forehead.
Yonah Mishael> wrote:

>YM: If he bore their sickness, then he would have become sick himself.This is simply more metaphorical language added to the mix of what we are already trying to clarify with normal language. I do not know how adding metaphor to metaphor helps us understand the text. Jesus did not "bear" sickness of any kind, even if he (supposedly) healed any sickness. There is a difference between bearing a sickness, which means that you suffer through it, and healing a sickness. Doctors do not "bear" the sickness of their patients.

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