[b-hebrew] origin of evil

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Fri Sep 8 18:57:02 EDT 2006

I asked this already, why are we interjecting the idea of "morality"? 
That word is nowhere in the Torah, it is a modern concept only, and 
angels' actions don't derive evil, since they have no freedom of 
choice to obey or disobey G-d.


HH: God says that he creates evil, so of course you can say that. But
clearly moral evil is due to moral agents, and God as a moral agent does
not produce moral evil because he is holy. However, angels and men do
produce moral evil by contravening God's good will.

HH: Right, but I think Isa 45:7 is using the term "evil" in the sense of
"disaster." I understand what you are saying about moral evil being a
by-product of God's creation of the world. However, it was not a
necessary by-product, since it is due to the free will choices of moral
beings. He was not the direct Creator of moral evil, since it arose
through angels and human beings.

Harold Holmyard

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