[b-hebrew] origin of evil

Charles Rempel CharlesR at mygalaxyexpress.com
Fri Sep 8 11:54:53 EDT 2006

Hi Harold,

I was re-reading this and I do not see how this can be logical.

> HH: Yes, by creating a world God created darkness if there was no light.

If there was not light, then it was dark. If it was dark, then darkness
could not be created.

> Darkness would be an automatic by-product of a world without light.

Darkness would not be an automatic by-product, it would be a mandatory
complement. If there is no light, then darkness must pre-exist.

> Since he created the world, he created darkness.

Could I likewise then say, "Since He created the world, He created evil"?
The Isaiah text correlates darkness and evil. But the relationship between
Isaiah 45:7 and Genesis 1:1 is not established unless you presume that all
creative acts were done at "0 hour".

Since the logic of the first two statements is flawed, the conclusion does
not follow. It is, however, acknowledged that He did create the heavens and
the earth, and He also created darkness. I do not see that we have reached a
valid conclusion predicated on the text at this point in time.


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