[b-hebrew] b-hebrew digest--seventy weeks

Harold Holmyard hholmyard at ont.com
Thu Sep 7 18:04:22 EDT 2006

Dear John,

>Zeroing in on Daniel 9:27 and the "half". 
>I know some of you reading this will not accept the NT Greek scriptures and may not like to hear from the Septuagint, but none the less here goes.
>The Septuagint points to the last half of that week and in order to define the time for this I will have to refer to the NT. And for those of you who chose to read further, you will learn something.
>In Revelation Chapter 11:3 there are two witnesses pointed out who prophecy for 42 months which is the last half of the week.
>Now notice in verse 7 when they have finished their testimony, the beast (Satan) that comes up out of the pit where he has been confined for the 1000 years according to Revelation 20:2 and he is not to be freed from the pit until the 1000 years are finished. Rev 20:3

HH: There is one problem with this analysis. The beast that comes up out 
of the abyss is not Satan but is the antichrist (Rev 17:8). Your mistake 
is understandable, since Satan is pictured as a dragon and also comes up 
out of the abyss (Revelation 20).

Harold Holmyard

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