[b-hebrew] actual Hebrew question about Daniel 9:25

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 6 21:48:55 EDT 2006

Dear Mr. Holmyard,

I was really hoping that someone would answer the question about the order 
of the number and nouns in Hebrew because I am confused about that.

I don't think that Daniel 9:27 says that the man will break the covenant 
after half of the week, but it says that he will strengthen the covenant 
with unidentified people for one week and half of the week he will stop the 
sacrifices. I don't think you can say that stopping sacrifices breaks a 
covenant if you don't know who the covenant is with and what it is about. 
People are guessing about unwritten information.

I know that Daniel 12 mentions 1290 days which is 3 and a half years so it 
sounds like half of a week of years, but it could just be a coincidence . 
The whole idea of 70 weeks of years involves deciding things that are not 
written like that a week is 7 years and that there can be a whole week that 
can happen anytime long after the 69 other weeks.

How do people explain the 7 weeks as 49 years of building Jerusalem? Is that 
what they believe happened in the past? I did not read every e-mail about 
Daniel lately.

I think Daniel 9:25 might not say that Jerusalem will be built unto an 
anointed prince, but from the going forth of the word to build Jerusalem 
"until an anointed one is a leader is 7 weeks". That is my wild guess.

I think that Daniel is predicting things that will happen in the future and 
there is no way to guess what the prophecy actually means. I understand that 
it seems great to show a prophecy that fits almost perfectly to certain 
religious beliefs, but it only works if you fix the prophecy so that the 
last week can happen anytime. I have heard the explanation for this, but I 
have never understood it.

Kenneth Greifer

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