[b-hebrew] origin of evil

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Sep 6 21:45:13 EDT 2006

Yes, when something "bad" happens to a person,  1. it can lead them 
to "return" to G-d  and also  2. every punishment that we get in this 
world, means we don't get it in the world to come.   So it is 
actually an expression of G-d's attribute of lovingkindness.


I find this interesting, God can bring calamity as an expression of 
justice when his righteousness demands it and he is not doing evil. 
Quite the opposite, an execution of judgement on the oppressor is an 
expression of love to those oppessed. Also does not God's holiness 
mean he is removed from corruption and badness?

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