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> God did not create darkness. He created light, and he made it possible
> for light to be shaded. We see the absence of light and call it
> darkness. God did not create cold. He created heat, and he made it
> possible for heat to be insulated. We see the absence of heat and call
> it cold. Darkness and cold do not exist; they are abstractions, words
> describing the absence of something else. Perhaps that is what Harold
> means when he says, "God does not have to create moral evil." By
> creating us with the potential to do good, God made it possible for us
> to choose not to do good. But there is not a substance called "evil"
> that God created; "evil" is just our word for the absence of good in a
> human's choices.

Darkness and cold do not exist????  This sounds like a metaphysical argument. 
 Yet we see in Genesis 1:2 that darkness pre-existed the light and that God 
separated the light from darkness in Genesis 1:4.  This is beginning to sould 
like what came first the chicken or the egg.  I don't find any Scriptural 
evidence that God created good or evil since God was always Good.  Scripturally, 
sin was found first in the anointed cherub, a created being (Satan), Ezek 28:15, 
in the form of self pride.

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