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> Dear Yigal,
> HH: God does not have to create moral evil. If there is free choice,
> there can be evil. You have it just backwards in assuming God must first
> create evil in order for free will to exist.
I'm not sure what "creating moral evil" means. If God created everything 
ex-nihilo, then there is nothing that "just exists" by default. If there is 
what WE see as evil, then God must have created it, for reasons of His own. 
We might not be able to understand His reasons for doing so.

> Satan is a rebellious angel in Christian thinking.
I know, but not in (most) Jewish thinking, and only based on a very 
imaginative interpretation of the Tanakh.

> The Tanakh shows a pattern of progressive revelation, more and more
> being revealed as time passed. Christians believe that the Tanakh shows
> an incomplete angelology and demonology, which later revelation
> clarifies.


Yigal Levin 

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