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> From: K Randolph Tuesday, September 05, 2006 9:00 PM
> Steve:
> We have to look at when this seventy sevens started, and when they ended.
> I see it as Nehemiah, who was given the specific job of rebuilding the
> city and its walls, as the beginning. The dates for that action are
> uncertain, so I took the middle between the extremes I found and ended
> up with 415 BC. 

[Steve Miller] How do you get 415 BC for one of those decrees? Darby uses
the decree in Neh. 2:1 which he dates at 455 B.C. 

>Seven sevens of years after that, or 49 years, comes
> to a decade before the scholarly consensus as to the birth of
> Alexander the Great, who certainly was a great leader of men. Because
> the consensus is often close but can be off (10 years is closer than
> many other disputed dates I have seen) I take this one to be
> Alexander.

[Steve Miller] Since the Daniel 9 says 7 weeks to an "anointed ruler", it
should be to his becoming an anointed ruler, not his birth.
Also, regarding such a great prophesy, for which Daniel prayed earnestly,
and the prayer is recorded in the Bible, I think it should refer to someone
whom the Bible itself calls an anointed ruler. Also, the 70 weeks are
concerning Israel, not the world. Alexander was not that important to
> 62 sevens of years brings us to the Roman period, shortly after Pilot
> became governor.
[Steve Miller] 415 B.C. + 62x7(=434)yrs = 20 A.D. Who was the messiah cut
off after 62 weeks?

> 69 sevens brings us to the beginning of the Jewish Revolt, which
> lasted seven years, midway through which the sacrifices were stopped
> and the leader that put down the revolt became emperor.
> Conclusion, the annointed leader in Daniel 9:25 was Alexander the Great.
> Karl W. Randolph.
> On 9/5/06, Steve Miller <smille10 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
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> > Yes, Yonah, I agree with you on the meaning of nageed as ruler. In Dan.
> > 9:25, who could "mashiach nageed" refer to? The words "mashiach nageed"
> > could refer to Cyrus, or an anointed leader of Israel, or to the
> promised
> > Messiah. The verse says that "mashiach nageed" is to come either 49 yrs
> or
> > 693 years after the word to restore and build Jerusalem. This couldn't
> be
> > Cyrus because the word to restore and build Jerusalem was given by Cyrus
> > (and later Persian kings). Neither was there an outstanding anointed
> ruler
> > of Israel meeting this time criteria. Thus "maschiach nageed" in
> Dan.9:25
> > must mean the Messiah.
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