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We have to look at when this seventy sevens started, and when they ended.

I see it as Nehemiah, who was given the specific job of rebuilding the
city and its walls, as the beginning. The dates for that action are
uncertain, so I took the middle between the extremes I found and ended
up with 415 BC. Seven sevens of years after that, or 49 years, comes
to a decade before the scholarly consensus as to the birth of
Alexander the Great, who certainly was a great leader of men. Because
the consensus is often close but can be off (10 years is closer than
many other disputed dates I have seen) I take this one to be

62 sevens of years brings us to the Roman period, shortly after Pilot
became governor.

69 sevens brings us to the beginning of the Jewish Revolt, which
lasted seven years, midway through which the sacrifices were stopped
and the leader that put down the revolt became emperor.

Conclusion, the annointed leader in Daniel 9:25 was Alexander the Great.

Karl W. Randolph.

On 9/5/06, Steve Miller <smille10 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
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> Yes, Yonah, I agree with you on the meaning of nageed as ruler. In Dan.
> 9:25, who could "mashiach nageed" refer to? The words "mashiach nageed"
> could refer to Cyrus, or an anointed leader of Israel, or to the promised
> Messiah. The verse says that "mashiach nageed" is to come either 49 yrs or
> 693 years after the word to restore and build Jerusalem. This couldn't be
> Cyrus because the word to restore and build Jerusalem was given by Cyrus
> (and later Persian kings). Neither was there an outstanding anointed ruler
> of Israel meeting this time criteria. Thus "maschiach nageed" in Dan.9:25
> must mean the Messiah.
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