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Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Tue Sep 5 17:46:33 EDT 2006

First of all, everything originates from G-d.

Second of all, this subject of evil is immense, and it's discussed in 
great depth in the metaphysical part of Oral Torah.

Briefly there is evil as a measure of the absence of goodness - OR an 
extreme imbalance between G-d's attributes of Divine Mercy and Divine 
Judgement - OR an interruption of the flow of Divine energy 
throughout the world.  But there is nothing that is regarded as 
INHERENTLY evil, to my understanding, nor does evil have an 
independent existence.  And this all depends on man's actions, which 
all hinge around obedience to G-d.

Obviously certain disobedient acts by man are more serious than 
others, a lot of that is reflected in Torah, which outlines which 
transgressions get which punishments, and which are called 
abominations.  And so many of the commandments in the Torah have to 
do with how we act between ourselves, as opposed to between man and 
G-d, so it is easy to understand how transgressing those will cause 

But in written Torah:

Deuteronomy 30:15:  I [G-d] have set before thee this day life and 
good, and death and evil.   (as a choice)

Isaiah 45:7: I (G-d) form the light, and create darkness; I make 
peace, and create evil; I the Lord do all these things. 

So no, I don't believe that G-d sponsors evil of any kind, but G-d 
has given us the choice to obey or disobey, and that G-d has put into 
place laws of action and reaction, including consequences of our 
actions, that our actions cause reactions in all the realms of 
Creation, physical as well as spiritual, according to these laws of 
cause and effect, and that Satan is the angel whose job it is to 
tempt people away from obedience to G-d, under orders from G-d.  I 
don't know completely why - I suppose so that people exercise their 
choice between "good and evil" ie obedience and disobedience.

I don't understand why you use the word 'inspire'.

HH: Let me ask you a question. Does God sponsor moral evil? Satan
inspired people to murder. Are you saying that God sponsors murder, that
he inspires murder?

HH: Also, what is your interpretation of the "sons of God" in Genesis
6:2? Who do you think they are?

Harold Holmyard
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