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On 05/09/2006 20:55, Shoshanna Walker wrote:
> Men and angels are different beings.  Men have the choice of free 
> will - to obey or disobey G-d.  Angels do not.  They have no free 
> choice.  They are not human beings.  They just do what G-d tells them 
> to do.
> Nowhere did it say that Satan disobeyed G-d, and there is nowhere in 
> Tanach that any angel disobeyed G-d, or did anything of its own 
> decisions.
Not in Job 1:8-12 and 2:3-6, if Satan is an angel. for Satan is shown as 
taking the initiative in proposing a course of action, although he 
requires God's permission to carry it out. Similarly with the snake in 
Genesis 3:1-5, where God's permission may be implicit. These are the 
action of a being with free will making his own decisions. Anyway, 
anything else makes God the author of evil.

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