[b-hebrew] trying to answer Harold: Daniel 9:25

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Tue Sep 5 17:13:04 EDT 2006

I cannot answer Harold completely.

Gabriel is breaking down the 70 septets (490 years).

Rashi explains verse 24 as follows:  70 years of exile that have 
passed from the Destruction of the first Temple until this vision, 
plus the entire 420 year period of the second Temple:

Seven septets plus 4 years from the Destruction of the first Temple 
until Cyrus ascended to the throne, plus 62 septets plus 3 years from 
then until the second destruction of Jerusalem = total 70 septets.

I don't have Rashi on Daniel in front of me, I cannot see his whole 
train of thought.  I have more problems understanding how 70 years 
have already passed from the destruction of first Temple by the time 
Daniel gets this vision, that would mean that Cyrus has already 
ascended to the throne, if the one who will have the Temple rebuilt 
ascends to the throne 53 years after destruction of first Temple.

re your question, note it does not say "from the time that Cyrus said 
to return and rebuild Jerusalem".  And it doesn't say Dibbur - word. 
It says Davar - thing.   G-d can be the one who has decreed the 
thing, from the moment that the first Temple was destroyed, that 
Cyrus would become king 53 years later, and rebuild the Temple.


>In the translation I am looking at, Mashiach Nagid is translated as
>the annointment of the prince.  The prince in verse 25 is Cyrus, the
>Nagid in verse 26 is Aprippa, the last Jewish king, and the prince in
>verse 26 is Titus (the people of the prince will come and destroy the
>Sanctuary) - according to Rashi.

HH: Please explain what this interpretation considers the decree to
rebuild Jerusalem to be.

Harold Holmyard
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