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Harold Holmyard hholmyard at ont.com
Tue Sep 5 16:37:12 EDT 2006

Dear Shoshanna,

>Men and angels are different beings.  Men have the choice of free 
>will - to obey or disobey G-d.  Angels do not.  They have no free 
>choice.  They are not human beings.  They just do what G-d tells them 
>to do.
>Nowhere did it say that Satan disobeyed G-d, and there is nowhere in 
>Tanach that any angel disobeyed G-d, or did anything of its own 

HH: Let me ask you a question. Does God sponsor moral evil? Satan 
inspired people to murder. Are you saying that God sponsors murder, that 
he inspires murder?

HH: Also, what is your interpretation of the "sons of God" in Genesis 
6:2? Who do you think they are?

Harold Holmyard

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