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Tue Sep 5 15:15:23 EDT 2006

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> From: Yonah Mishael Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 
> Translating נגיד as "prince" has also led to Christians translating
> 9:25 of Daniel as "Messiah the Prince," although משיח נגיד would maybe
> better be understood as "an anointed ruler" (indefinite) or "an
> exalted anointed one" (if נגיד be understood as the adjective
> modifying משיח).
> What do you make of this?
> Yonah
Yes, Yonah, I agree with you on the meaning of nageed as ruler. In Dan.
9:25, who could "mashiach nageed" refer to? The words "mashiach nageed"
could refer to Cyrus, or an anointed leader of Israel, or to the promised
Messiah. The verse says that "mashiach nageed" is to come either 49 yrs or
693 years after the word to restore and build Jerusalem. This couldn't be
Cyrus because the word to restore and build Jerusalem was given by Cyrus
(and later Persian kings). Neither was there an outstanding anointed ruler
of Israel meeting this time criteria. Thus "maschiach nageed" in Dan.9:25
must mean the Messiah.
-Steve Miller

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