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Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Mon Sep 4 15:37:11 EDT 2006

I mentioned several times that perhaps it was just a question of 
terminology.  Even I know that the name "Sanhedrin" is not from the 
Torah.  I hope this whole discussion wasn't about its NAME.


On the question of "origin of Sanhedrin".

According to Exodus chapter 24 there was "seventy of the elders" that 
is to say Seventy out of the elders that were available.

While the use of "seventy" seems to be a good foundation for all 
future use from there as we see it develop in scripture.

However the term "Sanhedrin" does seem to come from Greek origin.

I am endeavoring to copy and paste from the newest version of 
Concise Oxford English Dictionary (Eleventh Edition)

Sanhedrin (also Sanhedrim )

noun the highest court of justice and the supreme council in ancient Jerusalem.


from late Hebrew sanhedrin, from Greek sunedrion 'council', from sun- 
'with'+ hedra 'seat'.

aah! So now can we meet on middle ground and call it the "Council 
Seat" or "Seat of Council"?

So at any rate, may we get off this question and on to others where 
we can agree on?

John B. Senterfitt
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