[b-hebrew] Genesis 1:16 (The Tifha accent)

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Mon Sep 4 08:48:16 EDT 2006

So, you understand the three direct objects to be WHAT exactly?

"God made TWO great lights: sun, moon, and stars." That's not two. From
Harold's translation above, I would say that he and I are in agreement that
the "greater light" and "lesser light" are parenthetical to explain what the
two great lights are, while "the stars" is the SECOND of the direct objects:
(1) "the two great lights"; and, (2) "the stars."

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On 9/3/06, kgraham0938 at comcast.net <kgraham0938 at comcast.net> wrote:
> I always took the tifha marker to act like a comma instead of making
> something repeat itself twice.  I would take the "ve`et hacocaviym' as a
> third object of the verb `asah.
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