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Dear Shoshanna,

>The dates I have are from the creation of the world:
>Nevuchadnezar led the Jews into exile in three stages over an 18 year 
>period (3320, 3327, 3338).  Among the exiles were Ezekiel, Daniel, 
>In 3390 Cyrus granted the Jews permission to return to Israel and 
>re-establish the Temple.
>Esther was chosen queen in 3400.  During Pesach 3404 she appeared 
>before the king to plead to nullify Haman's decree.  On 13-14 Adar, 
>3405, the miracle became a reality.
>In 3407 Achashverosh was succeeded by his son, Darius II.  In 3408, 
>Darius authorized the completion of the second temple.  It was 
>completed in 3412.
>I meant to say that Mordechai was already an old man during the 
>events of Purim.

HH: Here is material from an article on Mordecai in the International 
Standard Bible Encyclopedia:

The date of the story [of Esther] hinges on the identification of 
Ahasuerus, since no other person mentioned is known from extrabiblical 
documents. Few today doubt that Ahasuerus is to be identified with 
Xerxes I, 486-465 B.C., although the matter is complicated somewhat by 
the consistent LXX rendering Artaxerxes. A fact favoring the 
identification with Xerxes I is that his Greek campaign can explain the 
chronological gap of four years between 1:3 and 2:16.

Harold Holmyard

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