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The dates I have are from the creation of the world:

Nevuchadnezar led the Jews into exile in three stages over an 18 year 
period (3320, 3327, 3338).  Among the exiles were Ezekiel, Daniel, 

In 3390 Cyrus granted the Jews permission to return to Israel and 
re-establish the Temple.

Esther was chosen queen in 3400.  During Pesach 3404 she appeared 
before the king to plead to nullify Haman's decree.  On 13-14 Adar, 
3405, the miracle became a reality.

In 3407 Achashverosh was succeeded by his son, Darius II.  In 3408, 
Darius authorized the completion of the second temple.  It was 
completed in 3412.

I meant to say that Mordechai was already an old man during the 
events of Purim.


> He was already an old man at the time of these events.
Are we talking about the same Mordecai who appears in the book of 
Esther? If he was already an old man at the time of the final exile 
of Nebuchadnezzar, c. 586 BCE, then he certainly was by the time of 
the events recorded in Esther, c. 474 BCE.

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