[b-hebrew] Daniel

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Sun Sep 3 01:24:05 EDT 2006

It don't think he was "demoted", because he's in Vilna Gaon's list of 
the 48 male prophets of Israel (prophet number 44) - and apparently 
there was some disagreement.

Rashi doesn't include him in his list, and I posted where the Talmud 
says he was not a prophet.

I think that the best,  most common sense  and non-religious reason 
why he would not be considered a prophet, is because he didn't 
receive his visions directly from G-d.

Very simple.  Whether he was rejected by Sanhedrin, or even APPLIED 
to Sanhedrin, I don't know - the literature is too vast for me to 
figure out where to look it up.

But now I'm very curious.


As for why Daniel was/is not considered a prophet, there are more than
one reasons given, the most important I heard was because he was a
court official in an enslaving kingdom. Peterö's suggestion that he
was "demoted" as a reaction to Christian citing of his prophecies
probably also played a part.

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