[b-hebrew] Tanach book order - different in Christian Bibles

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Fri Sep 1 12:54:12 EDT 2006

On 01/09/2006 17:18, Shoshanna Walker wrote:
> Even if he only got his visions from angels and not from G-d directly?

In regular English usage, whether someone is considered a prophet does 
not depend on this. My guess is that this was also regular Greek usage 
in the late Second Temple period.
> Also, no one answered my question - was he verified by the Sanhedrin?
> In order to be verified by the Sanhedrin, a self proclaimed prophet 
> had to undergo a test, and if even just one of the things he 
> prophecized didn't come to pass, then he failed.
Were any of the prophets who wrote the Hebrew Bible verified by the 
Sanhedrin? What is the evidence for this?

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