[b-hebrew] A diversion from 1 sam 1:28 and that infinitive (for Dave)

Chris and Nel wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Tue Oct 31 13:54:44 EST 2006


Shalom Chris, the difficulty for me with your analysis is that it is the 
product of human reason. It's not only that I do not consider your view to 
be close to the truth but also that it seeks to explain (away) Scripture and 
tradition. Moreover, I don't look to the conduct of people and nations to 
verify Scripture but rather they are verified by Scripture. The same thing 
for science.


Well Dave, like it or not, God created Reason and He created Humans!  On the 
nations clause I really think you ought to read it a second time. 
Comparisons you know don't invalidate God's words.

I am not Jewish either but I am a believer in Messiah Yeshua and His 
testimony. I suspect we differ in that you think GEEzus did away with Torah 
(i.e., instructions of G-d) and I read accept Yeshua at His word when He 
said He came to fulfill the Law and not set it aside.


Assumptions are Human reasonigs Dave (your'e guilty)!!!!!!!!  I KNOW that 
Jesus did not do away with the Law, and besides, you had better clarify 
which category of Law - Civil, Religious or Sacrificial. Or do you mean by 
'Law' - all three categories together?


Respecting your point that "experience" has shown you to 'test everything,' 
I would reiterate that experience cannot be my primary instruction but only 
insofar as it conforms to the Word of G-d. Where it diverts from that, I 
will have to go with what is unseen and/or the Scriptures of the Almighty. 
To your question about Scripture, non-Jews imagine all they need to know 
about the Scriptures are contained in the Authorized Version of the Bible 
but the Hebrews really had many other texts from which they were and are 
informed about righteous living (just as Yeshua and His Talmidim or 
"Apostles" did). The Greco-Roman interpretation(s) of Hebrew/Jewish 
Scriptures has led people away from the Saviour of history and not closer to 


The word of God does not contain EVERY possible scenario of Human trajedy 
and experience, but Wisdom does -- and that comes from EXPERIENCE my friend.

DAVE SAID ALSO :The Greco-Roman interpretation(s) of Hebrew/Jewish 
Scriptures has led people away from the Saviour of history and not closer to 


I thought like that once, until I learned through Bitter EXPERIENCE that 
this is a reactionary statement of bitterness preached in some circles with 
messianic verosity.  But the truth is more gentle as bourne out by people 
like Corrie Ten Boom, Casper Ten Boom, Hans Polei and Mirjam de Hoop all 
from the Netherlands.  (PS, they all used the equivalent of the KJV).


More specifically about your query, concerning the infinitive absolute 
relative to the passage you reference (Lev 20:10), I would sauy I agree that 
it does appear to be a certainty and thus an infinitive absolute. I have not 
looked at this more closely but am offering an opinion based on the KJV 
reading of the verse as well as what you wrote in your original post on the 

Thanks for stimulating exchange!  (Your'e Welcome Dave)


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