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But SHE didn't "lend" him to G-d.  That is a concept that doesn't 
make sense to me - to lend someone to G-d, as we are not really 
separate from G-d in the first place, and it is by means of our 
actions that we approach G-d.

The translation that used "dedicate" didn't just make up a word - 
they translated so that we can know the meaning of what she did, not 
the literal meaning of the word.

Rashi is always one of the best "translators"


Dear Shoshanna,

Please give me one place in which the root Sha'al means "dedicated".

Before stating that someone else's undersanding is ridiculous, have a look
at Rashi: "Like a man who lends a tool to his master for his use... The Holy
One Bless Him becomes a lender, and must return him to me".

Radaq (Rabbi David Qimhi) has what I think is a nice idea: "I have returned
to Him a loan that he has given me".

In any case, both of them understood the word "Sha'al" as "lend" and tried
to deal with it in different ways, rather than making up a new meaning for
the word.

Yigal Levin

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> 27:  This is the child who I prayed for; Hashem granted me my request
> that I asked of Him.
> 28:  Furthermore, I have DEDICATED him to Hashem - all the days that
> he lives he is dedicated to Hashem.
> What a ridiculous notion - to "lend" a person to G-d.
> Shoshanna

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