[b-hebrew] 1 Sam:1:28

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Sun Oct 29 00:30:11 EDT 2006

27:  This is the child who I prayed for; Hashem granted me my request 
that I asked of Him.
28:  Furthermore, I have DEDICATED him to Hashem - all the days that 
he lives he is dedicated to Hashem.

What a ridiculous notion - to "lend" a person to G-d.


My Webster says the first is "lent" as lending things.  The second word
translated even in JPS as lent is "borrowed" in the Webster.  Of course lots
of scholars don't like the New World edition but it sure seems folksy to me
and gives the spin that I think is realistically early Israelite.  I prefer
it to read as "lent" and "borrowed" because I think that's how emphasis is
preserved so there's no doubt in what the author is saying and it is poetic.
I love reading it this way:)  It's so passionate.

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