[b-hebrew] 1 Sam 1:28 asked. Karl

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Sat Oct 28 13:16:28 EDT 2006


Verse 25 and following, context, she was addressing Eli directly.

Karl W. Randolph.

On 10/28/06, Chris and Nel <wattswestmaas at eircom.net> wrote:
> Ok Karl,
> That is logical, but how can anyone arrive at that in the hiphil? "I ask"
> should then have been in the qal imperfect with Vav consecutive (I'm doing
> my best here) or by a totally other construction, (if she was addressing Eli
> directly with this question/statement then this would be clear) so obviously
> this can not be the writer's intention.
> I'm still lost then to the hiphil here.
> regards, chris
> > Chris:
> >
> > Look again at the context. Especially verse 11. "Lent" is an incorrect
> > translation. A more correct yet not too rigidly Hebraic translation,
> > "I ask that he be for the Lord all his days, he was asked to be for
> > the Lord." In other words, she was asking Eli to take her son to be
> > with him in God's service.
> >
> > Karl W. Randolph.

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