[b-hebrew] Thankyou (1 Sam 1:26)

John B. Senterfitt millenia05 at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 27 14:47:49 EDT 2006

Greetings to forum

Peter, Yitzhak, Pera, Bryan and Harold- Thankyou,  I finally have it all
sorted!.  I appreciate your time and really value the things that you say, I
may not always reply but just to let you know that yours and other peoples'
responses (and divergences) are always welcome even if they do not lead 
immediately to the
solution, (for my head - that is)! I am grateful that this board exists, it 
is my only opportunity to interact with both those who are learning and 
those who know almost everything.

Best Regards

Just a snip from Chris's post that caught my eye; (those who know almost everything).
Chris, picture me making this comment with a big smile. After some 30+ years of digging and attempting to chew the Hebrew/Greek and untold English works I have come to the conclusion that if it were possible to have two books; one book of what I know and have learned and another book of what I yet do not know then the book of what I still have to learn is much the larger.
John B. Senterfitt 

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