[b-hebrew] "HaNiTSaVaH"? Sam 1:26

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On 25/10/2006 19:01, Chris and Nel wrote:
> ...
> Hallo Yitzhak, since I was confused over the pointing I naturally searched 
> through the grammar books including Gesenius and could not find anything; 
> EXCEPT, that the Niphal Participle feminine Singular Peh-Nun verb is pointed 
> accordingly, as I have amateurishly written above, (small letters are of 
> course the vowels). ...
Gesenius (that is, GKC) is not silent on this, but he is also ambiguous, 
as the following chain of links shows:

 From Section 51a, on the Niph'al: "The inflection of the /Niph'al/ is 
perfectly analogous to that of Qal."

 From Section 50c, on the Qal participle: "Participles form their 
feminine (קֹֽטְלָה or קֹטֶ֫לֶת) and their plural like other nouns"

 From Section 80e, on the indication of gender in nouns: "The fem. form 
in ‏_ֶ֫_ֶת is in general less frequent, and occurs almost exclusively when 
the form in ‏_ָה is also in use. It is only in the participles and 
infinitives that it is the commoner, e.g. קֹטֶ֫לֶת more common than קֹֽטְלָה ...
So, Gesenius implies that both forms can be expected but the one ending 
in segol and tav is more common.

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