[b-hebrew] 1 Sam 1:26 Harold.

Chris and Nel wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Wed Oct 25 14:17:42 EDT 2006

Thankyou Harold, but having just read GKC 94 d and u, I don't understand it 
one bit. I have no idea what he is talking about. (I usually work things out 
but on this occasion I can't), Van de Merwe, Naude and Kreuze make no 
mention whatsoever about this Segholate participle, they give ONLY the SAME 
example as every other grammar book that I have. And I have four!!!!!  I 
only want to understand the principle behind what is going on here - that is 


> HH: The form in 1 Sam 1:26 is a standard one for
> the feminine participle, though the one you give
> is also found. See GKC #94:d, h.
> Yours,
> Harold Holmyard

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