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rochelle altman willaa at netvision.net.il
Mon Oct 23 03:10:49 EDT 2006

>I a, perfectly aware of the fact that most are papyri gragments. Schmuel 
>was going on about the Siniaticus, no?
>And I do find it fascinating the way moderns apply their standardization 
>approaches to a text to the ancients  -- as if the ancients had the same 
>approach to what was a "copy" as we do today..Oh, dear, just look at all 
>those variants... "blunders" one and all, right?  Ever stop to think that 
>perhaps, just maybe, a change of word here, a change of format there. a 
>change of size  -- et voila, it's not a forgery cause it is not an exact 
>Thanks for the giggles,
>>On 22/10/2006 19:44, rochelle altman wrote:
>>>If you are going to refer to the Siniaticus or precendents... have you 
>>>ever examined the Siniaticus or the Vaticanus? These two are the only 
>>>Greek 4th-century codices..
>>Possibly the only two codices, but not the only two Greek manuscripts 
>>from that period. Most of the others are papyri. The format and material 
>>used is irrelevant to the issue.
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