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On 22/10/2006 00:27, Schmuel wrote:
> ...
> Schmuel
> This is by taking the quotes from Dean John Burgon (who examined the manuscripts) vis a vis the scribal condition, various types of errors, in the most favored manuscripts, especially Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus. ...

Whose "most favored manuscripts" are you referring to? Those of certain 
19th century textual critics, or those of the editors of the 20th 
century scholarly editions on which most modern translations are based?

>  It only effects the nouveau corruptus modern versions.
I resent this description which I consider to be an attack on my faith, 
which is based on the divine inspiration of the text which you are 
calling corrupt. Please withdraw it, or else provide proper evidence 
that the manuscripts on which modern Bible versions are primarily based 
are corrupt.

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