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Is there a complete list of scribal error somewhere on the Internet?

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Peter Kirk - 
> Schmuel who made unqualified claims like "Texts full of scribal blunders" which could be 
> taken as suggesting significant unreliability in the New Testament.

This is by taking the quotes from Dean John Burgon (who examined the manuscripts) vis a vis the scribal condition, various types of errors, in the most favored manuscripts, especially Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus. Note, the discussion here is scribal errors, not doctrinal questions or textual variants.

I have often checked whether anybody disagrees or rebuts these numbers and have never gotten a response indicating a challenge to the Dean John Burgon statements.. There are hundreds of scribal blunders.

Since I do not use a Bible that relies on those two corrupt manuscripts, this exposure of corruptions as no effect on making any reliability in the New Testament that I use, the King James Bible. Nor any Received Text or Majority Text New Testament. It only effects the nouveau corruptus modern versions.

Steven Avery

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